Best Friendz
His silent voice was all but heard to one man. His best friend. Every nod was felt in the closeness of his soul. Every reflection on his face was between them. In a silent word he held in his heart. To see them together toe to toe and head to head. They were pals. Ever by his side the loyal companion stould. He never failed him nor faltered to his word. I love my best fiend. He still runs beside me in my dreams. Good night my silent friend you are well remembered. We miss you. Love Mom & Dad.

The Giftz Of Love
It was the greatest gift I had ever known. How easy it was to ignore, or misunderstand. I had always looked into my past and saw my future clear. What were huge problems made small, and small made significant. Oh! what did it take to make me look at what was in my heart, deep inside was my greatest gift. So late seen, so quickly lost.

They say you are gone. I know it must be true, for there it is, forever more. I never thought there would ever be a day that was never more. It came, the day the world stopped, and I was the one spinning. Did I look but only saw you. The world changed that day and nothing remains the same. I screamed but did not speak, I was silent but the voice was not still. I begged to be revealed but peace would not come.

You never could spend a day without me, or I with you. I was still here, I did not go. How could I say good-by to myself, but I did go. That part of myself is gone forever more. It was hard to be sad, for the love was greater than the sadness. They say I must say good-by. I must give you to that place I am not. I can not understand.

There was this great soul I knew. Gone on to a greater glory than ever I could. Gone leaving a trail of blinding light in the wake. I hold the light now with love and am blind no more. I know it must be true, the light is so warm and pure. The light of the love I share with you. I am here so are you. I know part of me is here the other there...waiting for the distant call. So I call...So long...I will keep your smile.

Past Dayz
This is the year we will remember, when we leave behind the millennium and look ahead. What we leave are alll the things best forgotten. What we gain when we look ahead is all that the future can hold. It is like the page that is not written but once dreamed it comes to pass. I look forward with hope that the best of ourselves reach out. I close my eyes to reflect for a moment, that is all that one can spend in this fast paced day.

I lean toward the horizon as if magnetic. Once my eyes are open against the gentle blink. All that lay before me is the purest light at the edge of the world. Many say that this is the end, the end of it all. Who could blame them in the cold reality of the day. But all is not as they seem. We can not judge the day or ask why. When all is against us, we will only respect the moment and hold on. For inside the blink of an eye the whole world stands. I wonder in the glory and the light of eternity. Who's to say what is mine and what is theirs.

For me it is the beginning and all my life I set before me as a blank page. I will set my house in order. I will put the past in the album. I will put the future on the pictures I will share. For the moment imagine all the possibilities. Set a plan for the year ahead and take one day at a time. If you only see the night that will be your day. I see the blue sky at the break of dawn and it lets in all the universe. So what do you call the millennium, just another thousand years.

So call it a birthday. A New Year, The Best Year. The year where all can call a new beginning unlike what man has ever spoke about. Dare to dream, we will hold out our hands to the sky, and end the darkness. I wish all the best for the hope of mankind. That is the word KIND. That all will find a peace that we can live together. All the heavens I would send to you, and give you the gift of love so gently the light gives us with every waking day. Plan for the millennium, the beginning of every day.

Last updated 07/20/02

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