Dezart Bluz
This place is not open to me any longer. I'm forced to only think of this place like in a dream. But I'm not dreaming! Just only able to reflect and that is now fading away with each passing year. I want to share this with others. We'll have to settle for this image frozen in time. Thatz the Dezart Bluz.

I see the many faces of the people I've met pass by my thoughts today. Some of them were new, some were the memories of long times gone by. Their sounds, the pleasant discourses of yesterday. I remember those days, when life was so easily ahead. Of long summer days and cold winter wind. Oh yes! I remember those many years with the thoughts of the friends that held my life so dear.

I race on through today looking this way and that. Every where I turn are all the people I've ever known. It is full of the warm hearts I have always known. It takes my breath away this heart of mine. Oh yes! I do think of you.

But in the silence there is a moment I reflect on the lost tear, for the friends that have gone by. That last thought will always be my saving grace. That I have known such brave people in my life that stood up to life and gave it all they had. I discovered that they gave the best of themselves to all.

So what could I possibly want more out of life than that which has already been given to me by my friends. That my life is full of so many of their precious moments. It is the best gift one could give, that of them selves. That the memories of their lives rap around us like a warm coat in a storm.

That my friend is the greatest gift. I share this gift to you all, with respect, dignity, and honor. I'd like to remember that all gifts are not always the ones that come in packages. It is in our lives and how we share them. tat is the spirit we are given. Oh yes! I will think of you and may the spirit of life surround you.

All Through The Dayz
I beat silently against my chest. Uttering small momets of breath. While I spend my thoughts. Praying for better dreams. The agony for life, when it is stifled by the daily restraints of time. What better dreams that we have to make our day. Lest we forget our vision. HOPE!

Qick! Step out to the day. Hold on and hold back. Blink your eyes wide open. So you can catch the day before it's dream has faded. I draw in a day of rainbows to help me through. Listen to the song birds voice, to remind us that we are in heaven, below the clouds. REVERENCE!

Smile for all the reasons we live the day out. For the momet you can take a breath and call it your own. The fragrance of the wind on your face. The reminder that we are free. I lean into it, wavering between Earth and my dreams. I let all my heart out to fill it. BENEVOLECE!

What can I say, life is inexplicable. We can only be ourselves in the light of all we live by. It takes all we have and than some. What we would spend our lives for, are the gifts we leave behind. We give them hope, for dreams of radiance. Respecting our word gives honor. By our deeds we lighten spirits. All lead me home to peace and the freedom of my dreams.

Dezart Thoughtz
Have you ever thought I've been there done that. Well you may think again. Life is only a blink of an eye and we are just specks in the mind of the universe. So dare to be all you can. Imagine all the possibilities. Dare to dream. Find the world and be part of it. Seek the dreamz and warp the reality.

The Looking Glass Windowz
Open the doors it's been a long time coming. What a grand day to see through windows. I would stare into the pane, a glass that the world would not let me in. I feel like Alice through a world of confusion. Like a cloud it covers my mind. But it was I the scared little rabbit afraid to come out. The world is much too large and I feel the tug of the Queen of Hearts. In the ritual of service I meet my needs. I'd paint the roses ever day.

I could walk into the garden and face my fears. The Cheshire grin helps me to laugh at the absurdity of life. I would dream and drift. The smell of daises come and give me song. I'd face any rose a day, to have the song of my heart. Which brings me back to the reminder, that we all grow up. The caterpillars are still out there gnawing at our shrubs. So best hurry, be vigilant, be wise, and don't chase the rabbit! You may find yourself in a deeper hole than you can get out of.

I am glad I had many doors in my life. They would lead me to the uniqueness of the human condition. All those souls out there looking for peace and the chance to be on the other side. Just once upon a time. The glass is but a fragment of itself. I would rather be whole, just looking in. I know that I will paint the roses tomorrow, and pretend they were daisies. But if you see a rabbit running down a hole, watch out! Don't chase it. But if you do it's ok. I dream too.

Last updated 07/20/02