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I saw the bright morning light sparkle about them, as they looked in each others eyes. How they shone like glass in the sand. There were no words that could be spoken. No tales that could be told. No warning of the world that could be understood.

The pages of there faces were fresh as the first day of spring. Joy lead the day, and that was the gift in their faces. I did not analyze, I did not predicate, I held the memory of the two looking at each other. I understood. It was in the spirit of it's intent that was received.

What was said in there eyes is all that need be. It is the life we lead with one another that binds the test of time. The understanding that we live by our inteqrity. That the words TRUST, LOVE, and RESPECT hold true meaning. That HONOR, DIGNITY, and LOYALTY should be our bond. So shine on. Don't question the higher meaning of it all. Just be true. Shine on.

My Love

From the moment I first saw you, I knew I had known you all of my life. Like the arrow shot threw the heart. The lightening that pierced my mind. My soul was no longer alone but whole the two spirits of one thought. You knew what I thought from the very first look. The look that would last all my life. In my deepest eyes I repeated "This is him" like I had found something that was lost, but now made whole.

How easy life could be if not for the time that spins around us so furiously. Through all the trials and trails life sets before us, time stands still, on the moment we meet. Time may change thought and deed, but though it all stand on trust, love, and respect. In these times all around us many forget what is important. Trust does not mean just for someone else. Love does not mean just for the moment. Respect does not mean what you don't know won't hurt you. That the secret lie is just for you. Those lies kill love.

To love always is a work of art. The forever understanding that you must live by your own actions. You are accountable for every act. Stand always with our heart on your honor. The roads of life lead always to the understanding that in your heart, there you are, facing yourself. If you are lucky to find your true love, know it always. That you are he and he is you. The art is in the work you do together. Leading life with loyalty, honor, and dignity for one another.

Know this, that love is a gift to be treated gently. All can have this honor, if you look in yourself. Love will come willingly like a spring of pure fresh water. I was lucky that when I stopped seeking, love found me. In that moment I found that my words were not mine alone. So if you have a love. The art of loving is simple. Just love them. Respect all you have to give. By your honor give all yourself. From the moment you speak, tell them, "Be mine always".

Last updated 08/10/02


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